About The Diet Kitchen

About the diet Kitchen

About The Diet Kitchen


The Diet Kitchen is unique, we make healthy food that ACTUALLY tastes good! We also work with clients providing custom  diet plans catered to your goals.

The Diet Kitchen is for anyone who looks at their eating habits! Whether you have health implications such as diabetes, obesity etc, or you’re a fitness enthusiast/bodybuilder, The Diet Kitchen will have something for you!

The channel and site is mainly run by me, Simon Roshdy. I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition in the last 5 years and worked with clients from every walk of life, and dealt with obesity to anorexia, diabetics to competing body builders.

I started up The Diet Kitchen in January 2013 because of my passion i’ve always had towards nutrition and in particular, cooking. I’ve professionally worked as a nutrition coach and a chef separately and so decided to combine the 2 and that’s how The Diet Kitchen came about. My nutrition knowledge is based on scientific evidence so you will not find any bro or pseudoscience with me here!


For diet coaching and nutritional planning visit the services page or please email thedietkitchen@gmail.com