Client Transformations

Client Transformations


Barry Ash from Rock Solid! I coached Barry through his whole contest prep which was his 1st one and he managed to take home a 2nd place trophy along the way! He dropped 40lbs in total which goes to show you, in contest prep, you’ve always got a lot more to lose than you think!baz comp 1 baz comp 2

Ahmed Salvador

Ahmed's Transformation 


Don’t often have clients that do short cuts but Gokhan only had 6 WEEKS to cut as much weight as poss whilst retaining muscle mass, he lost a total of 8kg in the 6 weeks! Well done Gohkan, you put in A LOT of hard work!gerks3





4 Weeks difference. Client: Chiso

Chiso Transform


Why you shouldn’t look at the scale! 12 weeks progress and a grand total of 2kgs lost! Well done Sam!