New Year’s Resolution Kick Starter Plan!

New Year’s Resolution Kick Starter Plan!
In this article I will go through 6 tips to help you stay on track, keep your goals in mind and to not fall off in the first few weeks and try and make this a lifetime thing.
I know a lot of people do not like New Year’s fitness resolutionists for a few reasons, the gym gets packed and you have to wait for machines, weights and pretty much everything but don’t hate these people, you might have been a resolutionist once upon a time and 1 out 100 people could find their love for training and if one person out of 100 finds their love and passion for training then that’s all that matters.
Let’s start with number 1!
Research workout plans and techniques.
Look at athletes videos on like Matt Ogus, Brandon Campbell, Matty Fusaro etc on YouTube for workout plans and also, techniques for different exercises. They have been training for a long time so whether you’ve actually trained before or you’re a complete beginner, watching them train will have you training like a pro in no time.

Make small changes to your diet.
Don’t bombard your brain. Less is more with dieting so don’t go from one extreme to another.  Most people take the unhealthy diet and when they begin a health/fitness regime they immediately take all junk food out of their diet and make the entirety of their diet healthy, nutrient dense foods. Although this is where we should end up eventually, doing this straight away is a one way ticket to failure city. Think of it as percentages, if at the moment your diet is 100% nutrient deficient, week 1 reduce that to 90% junk and 10% Healthy foods. Week 2 80% and 20% and so on until it is a 10-20% junk and 80-90% Healthy foods. Moderation is key and you want this to aim for longevity, not short term.


Set short and long term goals.
You need to be able to set yourself short term and long term goals, not just in fitness but in business, everyday life, with everything, you should set goals. Have a couple week goals, month goals, 6 month and 12 month goals. Use these as stepping stones to constantly keep you working towards the short term goals and while you complete the short term goals the long terms goals will be taken care of. When you look back on these goals you’ve completed you’ll realise that when you set it you thought it was hard, you can now see how easy it was. Remember, everybody started from 0 and even top level athletes set goals constantly and they all conquer them.



Be realistic
Don’t expect to achieve your dream physique in a very short period of time, top level physiques take 5-10 years to build. Take pictures of yourself every 2-4 weeks and look at these photos, you will see that you have come a long way from what you used to look like as it can be very hard to gauge progress just by looking in the mirror as you see yourself every day but looking in the above time period the progress can become much more apparent.


Try and find a workout partner.
If you know someone that has already been training then this is even better, even if they have been doing it for a couple months that’s still experience. If not look for someone that has the same resolution as you and you can start your journey from scratch together and spur each other on.


I wish you the best of luck on your journey into health and fitness begins and we’re sure that if you follow the above you’ll be absolutely fine and find a new love while you’re at it. Remember, consistency is key!

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